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Does India dream of electric touring!

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Will 2021 be a year for electric mobility? The signs are surely there, buoyed by the sights of blue skies that we saw in the early months of the lock-down in 2020.

As present and future consumers of personal mobility modes, it is upon us to be judicious about our choices, considering the practicality of owning and operating an EV. With public charging infrastructure proposals & tenders flying fast and thick, and the near ubiquity of the TATA Nexon EV (I see one almost every time I drive in the NCR), the future of EVs is becoming our present.

As motorcycle touring enthusiasts, we take our motorbikes & explore the far corners of this beautiful land. We are amongst a handful of people who experience these pristine outdoors and sooner we start doing so in ways that create a minimal environmental impact, longer will we able to enjoy these places. Its time for sustainable motoring!

Whats new?

Well we just rode from our office in New Delhi to Alwar, Rajasthan around 155kms. Our bike behaved wonderfully! You can see a video of our ride here.


Stay tuned for more news, views and rides.

Ride safe!


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